Registration Updates

Hello everyone!

There is LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to turn in registration forms and fees! Some questions have been asked and we are here to answer them!

Registration Forms

1. Faculty/Staff of your teams and university representatives may also go on the registration form. You do not need to create a separate document for this.

2. If one person is participating in multiple events, please mark that on the registration form. We are keeping track of individual my competing teams and not by school.

3. If you do not know your final lineup for competition (some design teams have specific rules towards this), please just register all your participants now. You may change the order once it gets closer to competition. We ask that you email us the final lineup to with the title School Name Final LineUp before April 1st.

4. We are closing all registration on April 1st. Any registered participants after this date will not be promised any conference stuff (tshirts, freebies, etc) other than food. We will feed any registered participants all promised meals.

Registration Fees

1. Registration Fees cannot be paid in cash.

2. Fee letters must be postmarked by February 19th.

3. If you send in some money before the early registration, and some money after the registration date, this will be discounted from your total and you will only be asked to pay the late fee for the remaining balance.

Hope this clarifies any questions you may have!
Thanks! =]

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